Web Blog Assignment

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Unfortunately i have to pay for video press…. no way am i paying 59 dollars a year for something i will only do once.

below is a school assignment.


need i post the words : click the link


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Every culture has its monsters its tyrants its psychopaths its maniacs no mater how wonderful it may seem on the outside, yet every culture also has its heros its saints, its saviors and its inspiring or benevolent leaders. Still this all just proves one thing. Nobodys perfect.

this just popped out of my head today funny eh?

Museing/rant hybrid

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If life is temporary why spend time on riches? Why spend money on your own beauty? Why not enjoy the beauty in the world around you? The mountains the birds the trees the sun setting and lighting the world afire with beautifull colors? Painting the world with bright hues?! Why the kriff aren’t people enjoying that instead of the crap in stores or spending time satisfying their own vanity? why not photographs of mountain scenes or children playing by a clear spring in the woods or of the trees at dawn?

My Halloween

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This was my halloween: Once again scareing small children muahahaha!

Dont worry they get candies out of it.

i think my dad describes it best.


i even had some dry ice to add to the creepiness factor. though when i put it in the small glass water kept freezing round it. then it would squeal as the pressure would build up and it would explode it would keep doing that until the ice got too thick and then it would just squeal. did keep fogging though untill the ice got too thick. was fun though you never knew when it would *POOMPH!* gah!

Words of wisdom from my head…

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Monsters are determined by actions not looks nor blood nor race nor circumstances of birth. Our actions define US. throughout our lives they shape us and make us who we are. every choice we make every path we take.

I keep adding to this originally it stopped at ‘looks’. XD.

originally came up with this wile…can you guess?

watching a monster movie…. go figure….

if you wish to quote me its shirley c smith.


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aparently i m not allowed to embet youtube videos on wordpress …wel you know what? forget you wordpress! bwahahaha! THPPPPPPPPTTTTT! hmph



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How do they expect me to back up my songs if im ‘not authorised’ on another computer?

the only computer im authorised to back up my songs on if kriffing CRISPY!

did i mention i fried my lappy a month ago? yes i did…. 😦

beyond repair…. now the stupid company is trying to give my mom a refurbished one less than what my mom had when the contract clearly states more or equal too.  slimy rat B…

and the lappy was the one i used to by the itunes songs on….. and aparently i cant use other ones to kriffing backup my ipod purchases on….. KRIFFING IDIODIC ITUNES WHY DIDNT THEY FACTOR IN THE EFFING BROKEN COMPUTER FACTOR?! GREEDY ASS RETARDS!


so theyre not as greedy as i thought i figured out how to authorize my dads compy yay!